May 2017

Noti Prajim 12/5

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Dear family,
Our first project “
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” has come to an end. It’s been a wonderful experience to get to know each other, play lots of games, have lots of fun and above all, learn lots of English!  The children worked on colours and animals, did arts and crafts and played lots of games. They played with toys and other resources, and danced and sang different songs.

The children are taking a “Brown Bear” minibook to read and colour the story at home. We hope you enjoy the story as much as the children!

Now we are starting our second project  “I can do it” based on the story “From Head to Toe”, triggered by Eric Carl. During this project kids will recognize their body parts and discover what they can do with their body (Jump, walk, run, among others). This opens the door to a lot of fun activities and games to frame the use of the language.  

We will keep in touch by sending you more news about this project!


K3 Teachers,

Querida familia,

Es un placer contarles que nuestro primer proyecto “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” ha llegado a su fin.  A través de juegos, canciones, manualidades y varios recursos hemos trabajamos en los colores y animales.

En el día de hoy los chicos se llevan a casa un minibook de “Brown Bear” para leer y  terminar de decorar en familia.

Por otro lado, queremos contarles que comenzamos a trabajar en nuestro segundo proyecto “I can do it ” basado en el libro ´´From head to toe´´ de Eric Carl . En el mismo los chicos podrán reconocer las partes del cuerpo y descubrir que podemos hacer con él (saltar, caminar, correr, entre otras). A través de juegos, canciones y diferentes actividades continuaremos explorando el idioma de manera lúdica y divertida.

Les enviaremos más información por medio de los notis.


K3 Teachers

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