We are a Community

Students, teachers, professionals and volunteers are the protagonists. The cycle of the Jewish life, the sense of belonging and the community spirit, define the construction. That generates an own identity, awakening the desire to study, work and live in a community frame. That frame is created by Arlene Fern. To get involved, to develop spiritually and as a person.







Where are we heading to

School + Temple = Judaica Belgrano Community Center


Arlene Fern in words

Focus on our school and community life.


First socialization space


The school aims for children to go through the kindergarten experience feeling loved, welcomed, taken cared of and understood, with the purpose of spreading out their maximum potential, enjoying of playing, having fun and learning with joy.


The pedagogical teams are formed by a teacher and an English teacher, assuring the English language to be present during the whole day. The best way to learn a second language is to be immersed in it, in a totally natural way.


We set out that our students be curious, intellectually restless and to develop skills and tools to confront the challenges, that in the future, will be brought out by society. Kindergarten is their space of cultural literacy.


A significant learning, dynamic and creative, that respects times, styles, needs and interests of each one of our students. The educational proposal is focused on an inspiring and supporting environment lived in our k rooms.


Potential Discovery. Preparing for life.


We look for each student to explore his maximum potentials and that when he graduates from Primary, he will count with all the tools needed to be inserted in the world that is his lot in life. The academic excellency and the comprehensive training of a person, mark the process.


The use of technology is linked with the whole learning of the educational programme. All the Primary classrooms are digitized and students constantly work in a virtual environment, with a new approach to the study contents.


The reflection, the dialogue, the exchange of ideas are everyday protagonists. Students develop reasoning techniques, build critical thought and create study habits. They are formed in values, as decent people, and develop their argentine-jewish identity.

Current world

Students achieve a use of the English language that enables them to sit for an International accreditation exam, certified by Cambridge University. They apply for the PET in 6th form and acquire a great fluency in speaking.

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